Call for KICs

This page is dedicated to the EIT’s upcoming Call for KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Community) Proposal to be launched in 2018.

As established in the EIT’s Strategic Innovation Agenda and in the Horizon 2020 Regulation, the next innovation community to be established by the EIT in 2018 will address the thematic field of:

Urban mobility: smart, green and integrated transport

This page will be updated regularly before the publication of the Call and all the latest official updates and documents relating to the Call will be made available here. 

The following background documents may be useful for potential applicants: 

Please note that the publication of the Call in early 2018 is conditional upon the positive outcome of the mid-term evaluation of the EIT, conducted by the European Commission in late 2016 and early 2017.

In November 2016, the EIT Governing Board decided not to designate an innovation community in the area of Added-Value Manufacturing after a thorough evaluation procedure and Hearings as the proposal did not meet the excellence levels required to be designated as an EIT KIC. Following this decision, the EIT is conducting a lessons learned exercise. A decision on whether to relaunch a Call in the area of Added-Value Manufacturing will be published on this page.



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