The EIT is a body of the European Union.
Our mission is to increase European sustainable growth and
competitiveness by reinforcing the innovation capacity of the EU.

KIC InnoEnergy

KIC InnoEnergy - a strongly integrated alliance of reputable players from the education, research and industry sectors based on long-standing links of cooperation.

KIC Inno Energy was designated as a Knowledge and Innovation Community by the EIT's Governing Board on the 16 December 2009 in Budapest and the priority area which this KIC addresses is sustainable energy.

KIC InnoEnergy is a world class alliance of top European players with a proven track record. 8 companies, 7 research institutes and 13 universities and business schools are joining – covering the whole energy mix. Six regionally bundled European co-location centres make up the consortium. These centres are ”Benelux”, “Iberia”, “Alps Valleys”, “Sweden”, “Poland Plus” and “Germany”.

Need of new technologies for sustainable energy and a climate-neutral Europe

KIC InnoEnergy‘s challenge is to create a sustainable, save and low carbon energy supply for Europe. By closing the innovation gap and boosting innovation in Europe KIC InnoEnergy comprises 28 top European players in industry, research institutes, universities and business schools. KIC InnoEnergy is about securing Europe’s global competitiveness in the field of energy technologies. Close networking of all partners shall speed up commercialization and generate new energy products.

Installation as a European Company – Clear structure allows for a lean management and the measurement and evaluation of the targeted output

KIC InnoEnergy SE is run like a business through a flexible and effective organisational structure and with a sound and monitored business plan, focused on results. The annual budget of KIC InnoEnergy amounts to about EUR 110 million in 2011 and will increase continuously in the following years. About one quarter will be funded from other sources with substantial contribution from the KIC InnoEnergy partners. The EIT will finance KIC InnoEnergy in a first phase with about EUR 30 million annually.

For more information about KIC InnoEnergy, visit their website:

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