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EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools

EIT ICT Labs offers several Summer Schools organised by the Master School and the Action Lines that operate in the innovation areas: Future Cloud, Cyber-Physical Systems, Health & Wellbeing, Urban Life & Mobility, Future Networking Solutions, Privacy Security & Trust, Smart Energy Systems, Smart Spaces.

Summer Schools involve students, young innovators and speakers both from industry and academia, allowing them to work with recognised scientists.

EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools 2014

Summer Schools are prominent events within the EIT ICT Labs Community: they provide meeting places for students, researchers and business people; they offer opportunities to get inspired and to communicate new developments; they are highly visible to the outside world.

In 2014, eight summer schools are planned. One for each of the eight action lines of EIT ICT Labs. For the EIT ICT Labs master students, attending one of the Summer Schools is a mandatory two-week event (4 ECTS), where half the time is devoted to a business plan development project and the other half to thematic presentations, company visits, and social activities.

This year the EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools are also open for Master students who do not belong to the EIT ICT Labs Master School as such. This group of students may participate at no costs in the programme itself. Hence, travelling and lodging is on their own account.

OUTREACH scholarships available for participation in the EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools

Would you like to improve your skills both in ICT and entrepreneurship via one of the EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools? EIT ICT Labs makes Outreach scholarships available for EIT ICT Labs Summer Schools. With the scholarship you can participate for free in the Summer School programma and your travel and lodging will be covered too.

The Outreach scholarships are only for European students coming from: Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Greece / Hungary / Ireland / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain.

Apply NOW and become part of the EIT ICT Labs community!

Steps to make:

  1. Check whether your country is in the list
  2. Make your choice in which Summer School you want to participate - only one!
  3. Register and use the link on the webpage of the Summer School
  4. Fill in the Registration form and mention in the motivation that you want to go for the Outreach programme as well.
  5. Submit

The local organisers will judge whether you fit the profile. They will inform you as soon as possible what the outcome is. Also, the local organisers will arrange the tickets and the lodging and inform you accordingly. If you are selected we expect that you follow the whole programme together with the EIT ICT Labs Master School students.

For further information please visit the EIT ICT Labs website.


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