Promoting young entrepreneurial talent

The EIT CHANGE Award celebrates graduates from EIT labelled education programmes that spur innovation and entrepreneurship and bring about change in the thematic areas addressed by the EIT and its KICs. For the 2015 edition of the EIT Awards, each KIC nominated two candidates. The EIT Innovation Jury selected the winner during INNOVEIT held in Budapest on 05-07 May 2015.

Put your innovation story in the European spotlight!

Why apply?
  • Pitch your innovation story to the EIT and wider EU innovation community
  • Get advice and feedback from the high-level EIT Innovation Jury
  • Meet and get inspired by successful innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Exchange ideas and share good practice with other EIT Award nominees
Who can apply?

Graduates from EIT- labelled educational programmes delivered by any of the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs).

What do EIT Award nominees get?
  • An invitation to INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum on 05-07 May 2015
  • A live-training session prior to the event to sharpen their pitching skills
  • Targeted media exposure to raise their visibility within the EU innovation community via a promotional campaign
What do the EIT Award nominees have to do?
  • Submit their innovation story and profile form
  • Pitch their innovation story in front of the EIT Innovation Jury at the INNOVEIT Event in Budapest on 05-07 May 2015
  • Participate in a Pitching workshop in Budapest on 12-13 March 2015
What will the EIT Award winner get?
  • Increased European-wide promotion and the use the “EIT CHANGE Award Winner” label in their profiling and/or marketing activities;
  • Dedicated support to their personal development and/or the development of their innovative activities.
How to apply?

The application process is currently closed.

For general questions about the EIT Awards contact:

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed based on the following four elements:

  1. The extent of innovativeness of your achievement
  2. The extent to which your achievement is entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial
  3. The (potential) societal and economic impact of your achievement
  4. The extent to which your achievement has been facilitated by the EIT labelled education programme

Based on the above criteria, each KIC nominates two graduates who will participate in the EIT CHANGE Award and pitch their innovation story at INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum in Budapest on 05-07 May 2015.

Promotion of nominees

During the six months that follow the selection of nominees, prior to the elevator pitch at INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum, the EIT Award nominees will be promoted via different channels and media. The EIT will work with the nominated graduates to produce different promotional materials.

Pitching of the ‘Innovation Story’

Nominees will be invited to present themselves and pitch their innovation story at a dedicated session during ‘INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum’.

The EIT will organise a pitch training session prior to the event to work with nominees on their presentation skills and give them the opportunity to get to know each other. The tentative date for the pitch training in Budapest is 12-13 March 2015.

A high-level jury will judge each of the presentations of the nominees’ innovation stories. The following elements will be assessed:

  1. Pro-active attitude and entrepreneurial drive Display of pro-active attitude and initiative. Thinking outside boundaries and (systematic) exploration and generation of new ideas.
  2. Quality of the innovative achievement. Degree to which the achievement is innovative and entrepreneurial.
  3. Link to EIT labelled education programmes. Description of how EIT labelled education programmes have supported and facilitated the nominee in obtaining and implementing the initiative.
  4. Interview presentation. Quality, creativity and persuasiveness of the innovation story presented.
Indicative roadmap
  • 17 November 2014 = End of application period.
  • December 2014 = Applicants receive feedback from their KIC with regards to their nomination.
  • December 2014 - January 2015 = Communication and publication of nominees on EIT/conference website. The EIT contacts nominees regarding practicalities of the promotional campaign.
  • January - April 2015 = Promotion of nominees via different media.
  • 12-13 March 2015 (tbc) = Pitch training for nominees at the EIT HQ in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 05-07 May 2015 = EIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship event. The nominees will pitch their achievements at the EIT Awards Presentation during INNOVEIT - EIT Innovation Forum and the EIT Innovation Jury will assess the nominees and select the winner.
  • June - September 2015 = EIT Award package delivered to winner.