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EIT Awards Winners


Name: Allen Mohammadi
Project name: Complex Disease Detector (CDD)
Website: hippogriff.launchrock.com

Nominated for: 2016 EIT CHANGE Award
Nominated by: KIC InnoEnergy

Key words: Heart screening tool
Project aim: To create a movement to transform public health by helping individuals become aware of, and involved in, their own health
EIT connection: KIC InnoEnergy Master’s School ENTECH programme (KIT and Uppsala University, 2013-2015)


Name: Florian Schneider
Project name: Nerdalize
Website: nerdalize.cloud

Nominated for: 2016 EIT Venture Award
Nominated by: Climate-KIC

Key words: Affordable heating, cloud computing, sustainable technology
Project aim: To create a world where heating is free and sustainable computing power is an affordable commodity
EIT connection: Part of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at the Dutch Co-location Centre


Name: Norbert Kuipers
Project name: WE4CC-II –  (Water and Energy for Climate Change)
Website: we4cc.eu

Nominated for: 2016 EIT Innovators Award
Nominated by: Climate-KIC

Key words: Water and indoor air, waste heat and solar heat, distillation and absorption
Project aim: We use membrane distillation and desiccant recovery systems to turn low-grade waste heat or renewable solar PVT heat into high-quality water and indoor air
EIT connection: Climate-KIC helped us by bringing partners from different disciplines together, with funding, and with different dissemination and education activities such as introductions within the community

2015 CHANGE Award Winner

Name: Govinda Upadhyay
Project name: LEDsafari
Website: www.ledsafari.com

Nominated for: EIT CHANGE Award 2015
Nominated by: KIC InnoEnergy

Key words: Low cost, do-it-yourself, solar LED lamp
Project aim: To empower people in developing countries to make their own solar rechargeable lamps, using locally available material to promote sustainability and health, develop skills and gain jobs
EIT connection: KIC InnoEnergy SELECT Master programme – graduated in 2012

"Then no-one can stop you" - Interview with Govinda Upadhyay

2015 Venture Award Winner

Name: Regnar Paaske
Project name: Nordic Power Converters
Website: www.nopoc.com

Nominated for: EIT Venture Award 2015
Nominated by: Climate-KIC

Key words: Small, long-lasting power converters
Project aim: To become the new standard for electric power converters for LED, chargers and other applications
EIT connection: Supported at Climate-KIC’s Nordic Co-location Centre through the Accelerator programme and runner-up in the Climate-KIC Venture Competition 2014

2015 Innovators Award Winner

Name: Rajai Aghabi
Project name: Neptune
Website: Neptune

Nominated for: EIT Innovators Award 2015
Nominated by: KIC InnoEnergy

Key words: Affordable wind energy
Project aim: To develop a cost-effective, accurate and reliable offshore wind measuring system
EIT connection: KIC InnoEnergy Iberia Barcelona

2013 CH.A.N.G.E Award Winner

Name: Kate Hofman
Project name: GrowUp
Website: www.growup.org.uk

Nominated for: EIT CH.A.N.G.E Award 2013
Nominated by: Climate-KIC

Key words: Sustainable urban farming
Project aim: To demonstrate a sustainable, commercial model for urban agriculture through vertical growing and aquaponics
EIT connection: Climate-KIC Contextual Learning Journey student and EIT Foundation Young Leader Programme

To learn more about Kate, check out her full profile and watch the complete interview.

2013 CH.A.N.G.E Award Winner

Name: Dorottya Maksay
Project name: Homebuddy

Nominated for: EIT CH.A.N.G.E Award 2013
Nominated by: EIT ICT Labs

Key words: Connecting generations
Project aim: To develop Homebuddy into a sustainable social enterprise
EIT connection: EIT ICT Labs Master School student (2012 onwards)

To learn more about Dorottya, check out her full profile and watch the complete interview.

2013 CH.A.N.G.E Award Winner

Name: Eduardo Appleyard
Project name: Solar Lighting for Africa
Website: Project for www.solar-aid.org

Nominated for: EIT CH.A.N.G.E Award 2013
Nominated by: KIC InnoEnergy

Key words: Focus, empower and grow!
Project aim: To develop a solution to help SolarAid, an international charity specialising in clean, affordable solar product distribution in Africa, to sell one million lights through its social enterprise
EIT connection: KIC InnoEnergy Master School – SELECT Programme student (2010-12)

To learn more about Eduardo, check out his full profile and watch the complete interview.

2013 Venture Award Winner

Name: Dominik Peus
Project name: Biowaste to Biocoal
Website: www.antaco.co.uk

Nominated for: EIT Venture Award 2013
Nominated by: Climate-KIC

Key words: Carbon neutral coal
Project aim: To make our biomass conversion green energy technology available on a global scale
EIT connection: Winner of the Climate-KIC UK 2012 Venture Competition


2013 Venture Award Winner

Name: David Tacconi
Project name: CoRehab (main product: Riablo)
Website: www.corehab.it

Nominated for: EIT Venture Award 2013
Nominated by: EIT ICT Labs

Key words: Enjoy, control, rehabilitation
Project aim: To increase the international sales of Riablo, an innovative rehabilitation product
EIT connection: EIT ICT Labs support at their Node in Trento

To learn more about David, check out his full profile and watch the complete interview.

2013 Venture Award Winner

Name: Lionel Chaverot
Project name: Enerstone
Website: www.enerstone.fr

Nominated for: EIT Venture Award 2013
Nominated by: KIC InnoEnergy

Key words: The future of rechargeable batteries
Project aim: To help battery manufacturers prolong battery lifespan and reduce the environmental impact of their products
EIT connection: KIC InnoEnergy Highway® supported venture

To learn more about Lionel, check out his full profile and watch the complete interview.


2012 Climate-KIC Winner:

One man's journey produced Naked Energy

For a career path, Christophe Williams has not made the obvious choices. He started at St. Martin's art college in London, and went on to be a creative executive in the ad world. But then he went solar, founding Naked Energy, a renewable energy company. And now his company has been nominated as a finalist in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's (EIT) entrepreneurship awards.

Williams is the first to say he has an artistic, not technological, background. Nonetheless, engineering isn't entirely foreign to him: his grandfather designed a renewable energy system in the 1960s and his father was a mechanical and aeronautical engineer. "It must have rubbed off on me," said Williams, whose own past projects have included working with the government on its global climate-change advertising campaign, 'Act on CO2'.


2012 EIT ICT Labs Winner:

Germany's Trifense fights the unknown cyber-threats

Protecting a company or organisation against known cyber-security threats is one thing; protecting them against unknown cyber-threats is quite another. But that is exactly the goal of Trifense, a Technical University of Berlin spin-out named as an EIT ICT Labs finalist for the EIT Awards.

"It is crucial for governments, operators of critical infrastructures such as utilities, and companies in all sorts of sectors from financial services to healthcare to be able to detect such risks and protect themselves against them," said Trifense Managing Director and Co-founder Patrick Duessel. "A modern society can be vulnerable to pretty huge threats. Our technology can address this appropriately."


2012 KIC InnoEnergy Winner:

Think CO2 wants to build your ideal 21st century home

Rosa Vilarasau was approaching her 40th birthday when she decided she had had enough of working for a Spanish confectionary company. "If I'm going to do something on my own, it has to be now," she recalls thinking to herself.

So she contacted a university friend, Pol Guiu, and they started throwing venture ideas around. They finally hit on one that chimed with them both: designing the perfect 21st century house. What's that? In their view, it's a sustainable, mobile home. "You evolve as a person, but your home doesn't evolve with you," Vilarasau said, explaining how they wanted to free the home from the land and allow it to adapt to its owners' new job in a new city or a new addition to the family. "Technology allows this solution to be possible," said Vilarasau, who with Guiu founded the company Think CO2 in December 2009.



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