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Climate-KIC’s offer

Transform your ideas into commercial success

A (future) cleantech entrepreneur? You are crucial to countering climate change. Check out Climate-KIC's special programmes designed to help you think, act and grow big.

Climate-KIC's portfolio of products includes services designed to challenge and develop clean-tech ventures and improve chances for success. Climate-KIC supports entrepreneurs in different stages of maturity, from early stage ideation through seed funding and beyond.

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at the latest business ideas and the start-ups that Climate-KIC supports.

And there is more. Climate-KIC's incubators may help to get you started by offering space for business, coaching, peer-to-peer meetings and events. Explore our start-up tours: travel, talk & learn. Request proof of concept and check out SME specials, offering you the opportunity to work with the best experts and create a better business.

If you are a (future) entrepreneur you will enjoy the many benefits of Climate-KIC's extended network of partners, both on the supply and the demand side. Have a promising business idea? Climate-KIC may just be able to connect you to the people you need to see.


ClimateLaunchpad is Europe’s largest cleantech business idea competition and currently has a presence in 28 countries. Climate-KIC's mission is to unlock Europe’s cleantech potential and support innovations that address climate change. Through national competitions and a grand European Final, the search is on for the best of more than 700 sustainability ideas.

Climate-KIC Accelerator

The Climate-KIC Accelerator is the only EU business acceleration programme focused on cleantech commercialisation. With fast track entrepreneurship education, top-notch tools & techniques and intensive coaching, Climate-KIC has set up the world’s first real-life business school for cleantech entrepreneurs.

Start-ups are taken through a rock-solid 18-month programme in three phases to grow great ideas into great businesses.


Climate-KIC's masterclasses are two-day intensive programmes targeted at sharpening your business skills. Business Model Generation, Building Teams, Negotiation, Sales and Marketing: all led by world class teachers. Check out the programme.

Contact Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC's entrepreneurship team is available to help you access programmes, vouchers, masterclasses and competitions.