Call for tender 09/2018/OP/EITPROC – Provision of Medical Services

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) wishes to conclude a Framework Contract with a medical service provider to carry out the following tasks for the EIT and the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL):

  • Task 1: Pre-recruitment medical examinations - the medical service provider will organise and carry out all of the necessary examinations (as specified in the tender specifications) for the pre-recruitment medical visits for all (potential) new EIT and CEPOL staff members (i.e. ‘candidates’ receiving an offer of employment from the EIT or CEPOL). The examinations shall be carried out according to the age indicators as specified in the tender specification.
  • Task 2: Annual medical check-ups and possible follow-ups - in line with the provisions of the Staff Regulations and CEOS, the EIT and CEPOL staff members are obliged to undergo an annual medical examination and the Agencies have to ensure that their staff members fulfil their obligation. To comply with this obligation, the Agencies will send a list of staff members to the medical service provider. Based on the list provided, the medical service provider will organise the schedule of the annual medical examinations within the period from January to November, each year and carry out the annual medical check-ups.
  • Task 3: Occupational medical advice and other services (outside the above indicated medical exams) – the medical service provider might be requested to provide occupational medical advice and other services to the Agencies' HR teams such as organization of campaigns for vaccinations for staff members of each Agency, organisation of occupational health and safety trainings.

The estimated total value of the framework contract for the four-year period is EUR 300 000.

The deadline to dispatch the offers to the EIT is midnight on 15/08/2018. 

The Opening Session will take place on 03/09/2018 at 11:00 hrs (CET) in the EIT premises.

For more information, please consult the following Call documents:

  • Invitation to tenderers (EN, HU)
  • Contract notice (EN, HU)
  • Tender specifications (EN, HU)
  • Annex I: Tenders' Identification Form (EN, HU)
    • Annex Ia: Power of attorney (EN, HU)
    • Annex Ib: Letter of intent (EN, HU)
  • Annex II: Legal entity form for private entities (EN, HU) -  Legal entity form for public entities (EN, HU)
  • Annex III:  Financial identification form (EN, HU)
  • Annex IV: Declaration on honour (EN, HU)
  • Annex V: Financial offer (EN, HU)
  • Annex VI: Draft Framework Service Contract (EN, HU)
  • Annex VII: Link to Staff Regulations (EN, HU)
  • Annex VIII: List of medical examinations (EN, HU) - Updated on 2 August 2018
  • Annex IX: Pre-employment medical visits (EN, HU)
  • Annex X: Anamnesis for annual medical check-up (EN, HU)
  • Annex XI: Order Form (EN, HU)
  • Annex XII: Medical clearance form (EN, HU)
  • Annex XIII: Data Protection Compliance Declaration (EN, HU)
  • Annex XIV: Technical proposal form (EN, HU)
  • Questions and Answers - Updated on 14 August 2018

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