Chaitanya Dhumasker
Bringing security, efficiency and sustainability to fisheries through AI

Chaitanya Dhumasker

Co-founder & CEO MonitorFish GmbH

MonitorFish GmbH

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EIT Climate-KIC The EIT Climate-KIC is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union

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To improve fisheries’ ways of breeding through precise fish growth monitoring


Winner of Future agro challenge, Germany, 2018
Winner Munich investment forum, 2018

Main product

MonitorFish GmbH

The Project

  • The idea

    MonitorFish is an AI-powered image recognition software that provides fish growth analytics, smart alerting, and reporting services to increase farms’ profitability and reduce their environmental footprint.

  • Inspiration

    I witnessed how the inaccuracy of manual diagnosis of fish health was responsible for sub-optimal breeding conditions in fisheries, causing important revenue loss and intensive use of pesticides and chemicals. I took up the challenge of contributing to the transformation of a traditional operating model into a transparent, efficient, and sustainable food production system.

  • Unique selling points

    We developed a unique underwater image recognition and corrective technology that enables precise readings of fish health conditions in the traditionally very turbid aquaculture waters. Furthermore, the technology erases the need for manual image post-processing to detect and analyse the fish, making it the fastest and most precise automatic fish-health analysis tool to date.

  • Societal impact

    Aquaculture holds a key role in feeding the world’s growing population and preserving wild fish stocks in oceans. By ensuring crop security, we enable businesses and communities to mitigate risk and safely grow their own fish, including in fragile settings where livelihoods heavily depend on fish resources. We thereby contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 (zero hunger) and 14 (life below water).

  • EIT Community support

    The EIT Community supported me in many ways, from ideation, team formation, pitching to business planning, and fund sourcing.

MonitorFish GmbH

The Nominee

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    The education and exposure I received through the EIT Climate-KIC Master School truly fostered my confidence and passion to build a company that would drive positive change in the ecosystem.

By ensuring crop security, we enable businesses and communities to mitigate risk and safely grow their own fish.