Joan Hereu Morales
Enabling the power of consumers through sustainable consumption

Joan Hereu Morales

Doctoral researcher UPC


Supported by:

EIT InnoEnergy The EIT InnoEnergy is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union

EIT labelled programme

Master in Renewable Energy


To enhance consumers’ knowledge on the environmental effect of their daily habits.


EIT InnoEnergy’s CommUnity Days 2018, presenting EcoNet at EIT Innoenergy’s TBB 2020 after completing its 1-year incubation program, public full-time scholarship for full PhD research on sustainability , second prize for narrative contest

Main product


The Project

  • The idea

    EcoNet aims to be the reference app for consumer sustainability, connecting sustainable consumers and sustainable solutions. Addressing consumption preferences and patterns on different fields (mobility, home energy, food...), EcoNet helps the user understand the environmental impact of his/her daily habits and suggests tips and personalized solutions to lower that impact and become more sustainable.

  • Inspiration

    Realising that most of us had no clue of the effect of our daily habits, I wanted to address this information gap and develop a tool that allows the integration of such knowledge into any citizen’s daily routine, helping us to lower our environmental impact.

  • Unique selling points

    For users, the USP is a trustful app to cover the knowledge gap on the environmental impact of their consumption choices, and accompany their evolution towards a more sustainable lifestyle. For companies offering sustainable products and solutions, the USP is a new inflow of aware and proactive customers, combined with real green branding.

  • Societal impact

    I want to incentivise people to switch from an unlimited consumption mentality towards a responsible and environmentally respectful one.

  • EIT Community support

    Studying and working inside EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem has helped me connect with and get support from like-minded academics and entrepreneurs, positively influencing both my educational path and entrepreneurial project.


The Nominee

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    I always wanted to create something that contributes to change the world for better. An engineer by background, I realised no innovative machine or system makes its way into the world without some business fundamentals, and that is when my interest in entrepreneurship developed.

  • An ideal world

    A sustainable world, where human activities do not compromise the future of humanity and life on Earth. I believe that is to be achieved through enabling the power of consumers in the sustainability transition, by spreading knowledge and awareness on the impact of our consumption habits.

Studying and working inside EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem has helped me connect with and get support from like-minded academics and entrepreneurs