Martin Boutiere
Fighting effects of cancer through better nutrition

Martin Boutiere

PhD Student

Nutr’Avenir Platform

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EIT labelled programme

Master in Technological Innovation in Health


To reduce malnutrition responsible for 20-30% of cancer deaths, additional health problems for patients, and resistance to treatment.

Main product

Nutr’Avenir Platform

The Project

  • The idea

    Cancer patients are commonly fed with high protein diets to tackle malnutrition. This implies a risk of tumour growth. Nutr’Avenir is a preclinical platform focused on nutrition for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The platform will make it possible to validate new concepts for preclinical research services and to patent new formulations, which can then be sold to the main commercial companies in the field.

  • Inspiration

    The purpose is to feed the patient, not the tumour. I undertook a PhD on this very topic. As the experiments progressed, my thesis director and I identified a need by caregivers for the opportunity to develop such a research platform and the related business potential.

  • Unique selling points

    There is no other existing enteral nutrition research platform of this kind. The surgical technique that we have developed to be able to proceed with related preclinical tests is also unique.

  • Societal impact

    The project will reduce morbidity and mortality among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It will enable caregivers to positively affect the health conditions, recovery rate, and quality of life of their patients. Healthcare systems will subsequently benefit from a successful and economically effective option for cancer treatment.

  • EIT Community support

    The skills, insight, and expertise I gained from the teaching, fellow students and mentors on the EIT Health-labelled MTiH programme, were instrumental in forging my entrepreneurial spirit through the discovery of new working environments, working methods, international collaboration, and ability to think outside the box.

Nutr’Avenir Platform

The Nominee

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Right from the start of my MTiH programme, I got a taste for entrepreneurship and the process of identifying a problem, then finding an innovative solution. I am convinced that the field of cancer research and nutrition offers a lot of innovative potential.

  • An ideal world

    A world where knowledge sharing between experts in different fields is boosted by better communication.

The skills, insight, and expertise I gained from the teaching, fellow students and mentors on the EIT Health-labelled MTiH programme were instrumental in forging my entrepreneurial spirit.