Dominik Radic
Boosting new forms of urban mobility through real-time information

Dominik Radic

CEO Veomo


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EIT Urban Mobility The EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union

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To create awareness for sustainable mobility by simplifying access to information

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The Project

  • The idea

    Veomo aggregates mobility data of different forms of transport, including public transport and vehicle sharing services. Our platform provides real-time information via clear and easily accessible user interfaces.

  • Inspiration

    We believe that the transition to a new mobility is essential for liveable and sustainable cities. By simplifying access to mobility information in a visual way, we create awareness of new forms of urban mobility.

  • Unique selling points

    Currently providing the largest variety of new mobility information in Germany and Austria, the platform can also include exclusive visual mobility services. What sets us apart is our modern user interface and unique user experience. Our solution is scalable and available in all major cities, and the deployment of our services is fast and secure.

  • Societal impact

    By providing fully transparent new mobility information, we promote and simplify the transition to flexible and free mobility behaviour, thereby improving efficiency and returning living space to citizens that is so urgently needed in urban areas. We contribute to the 11th UN sustainable development goal by fostering the shift to sustainable mobility services.

  • Venture development

    Having successfully launched our solution in all major German cities, we are currently in a scale-up phase. Our participation in the EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up Hub can accelerate our growth. We are also planning an investment round to develop our solutions further and expand to other European cities.

  • EIT Community support

    Joining the EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up Hub brought us new partners, access to experienced mentors and coaches, as well as introductions to customers and investors.


The Nominee

  • The beginning

    Years ago, the emergence of new types of urban vehicles and mobility services made me realise I would never want to have my own car. Although a car is no longer perceived as a status symbol by most of my generation, we felt the need to promote the visibility of and access to new mobility services.

  • Rewarding moments

    Conveying an entrepreneur’s vision is a challenge. This is why the first customer adoptions and the early involvement of supporting employees were most rewarding.

New types of urban vehicles and mobility services made me realise I would never want to have my own car.