Filippo Bosco
Infectious diseases diagnosed – easily and quickly

Filippo Bosco

CEO BluSense Diagnostics

CDI Core-M

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EIT Manufacturing The EIT Manufacturing is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union

Generated funding

EUR 15 000 000


To provide a fast, accurate, and easy to use diagnostic solution

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Main product

CDI Core-M

The Project

  • The idea

    We developed an innovative nanotechnology-based point-of-care blood testing platform for the diagnosis of infectious diseases from a single drop of blood within a matter of minutes.

  • Inspiration

    We felt the need for better, faster, and more efficient diagnostics for life-threatening diseases. During their PhD research, all founders contributed to different projects in this field. We are driven by the vision of turning research into products that improve the lives of people and reduce the impact of diseases.

  • Unique selling points

    Patients can immediately receive results when visiting the doctor, allowing faster treatment and limiting the spread of diseases. The diagnostics platform is easy to use and does not require any trained personnel. The supporting technology is versatile enough to detect virtually any disease. The accuracy of our test is equal to standard laboratory equipment.

  • Societal impact

    Our technology improves patient care and reduces workload in hospitals. Aside from COVID-19, our technology helps to mitigate the effects of mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever. We contribute to the good health and well-being sustainability goal that aims to end neglected tropical diseases by 2030.

  • Venture development

    Currently, BluSense is raising a round C of investment, which will provide financing to scale-up manufacturing, develop new products, go-to-market, and commercialisation.

  • EIT Community support

    We received funding and we expect that the knowledge and network of EIT Manufacturing will significantly contribute to setting up and improving our manufacturing capabilities.

CDI Core-M

The Nominee

  • The beginning

    I did my PhD research on the use of Blu-ray players’ optical pick-up unit for biosensing. Our CSO, Marco Donolato, suggested building a marketable biomarker-based blood detection device. Our COO, Robert Burger, brought his expertise in centrifugal microfluidics for assay automation. We landed in Denmark, a favourable environment for medical start-ups.

  • Rewarding moments

    Translating technology from an R&D project to a diagnostics platform, CE marking and shipping first devices to customers, and contributing to the fight against COVID-19 by developing a serology test. All of these were extremely rewarding moments.

We contribute to the good health and well-being sustainability goal that aims to end neglected tropical diseases by 2030.