Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual
Paving the way to improved cancer therapy

Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual

CEO TOLREMO therapeutics

Resistance-preventing Cancer Medicines

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EIT Health The EIT Health is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union

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EUR 15 000 000


To fight cancer drug resistance through a new approach

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Main product

Resistance-preventing Cancer Medicines

The Project

  • The idea

    An increasing number of personalised therapies block the mutated proteins that drive cancer. However, many of these therapies fail due to cancer’s resistance to drugs. Our new approach aims to make personalised cancer therapies even more personal and thereby longer lasting.

  • Inspiration

    By combining classic mutational information (“the hardware of a cancer”) with novel transcriptional information that defines the exact pattern of genes expressed in that particular cancer (“the software of a cancer”), we design and develop combination therapies that will prevent the development of drug resistance.

  • Unique selling points

    We believe that our technology has the potential to disrupt the current standard of practice and we envision it as an alternative therapy that offers higher response rates, shortens the treatment window, and provides a cure to patients.

  • Societal impact

    Transparent pricing and efficiency reduce trading costs to Despite medical advances, cancer remains a life-altering diagnosis. TOLREMO makes cancer therapies more efficient and longer lasting, resulting in longer life expectancy and better quality of life for patients and reduction in healthcare costs.

  • Venture development

    We identified novel drug candidates and are now developing one of our drug prototypes in further preclinical testing. The next step will consist of regulatory safety and toxicity studies, the completion of a data package that supports regulatory approval, and subsequent clinical testing in humans.

  • EIT Community support

    The EIT Health Gold Track programme has helped us devise strategies to leverage the full clinical and commercial potential of our solution. EIT Health and Gold Track connected us with C-level experts who also provided personalised support.

Resistance-preventing Cancer Medicines

The Nominee

  • The beginning

    The topic of drug resistance in cancer has been close to my heart for almost 10 years now. The results of my PhD research suggested new ways to prevent resistance development from the very start of a cancer therapy. This was extraordinarily encouraging.

  • Rewarding moments

    A most rewarding moment was when we realised that our technology had indeed identified a novel modulator of drug resistance in cancer. It was something that people had told us would not be possible – but we did it anyway!

It was something that people had told us would not be possible – but we did it anyway!