Caroline Albert
Digital twins that improve production lines

Caroline Albert

Co-founder & Commercial CEO nebumind GmbH

nebumind software

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EIT Manufacturing The EIT Manufacturing is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union


To increase reliability and reduce costs of production lines

Main product

nebumind software

The Project

  • The idea

    Nebumind is analytics software that allows manufacturers to visualise production data as “digital product twins”, thereby understanding, controlling, and optimising the quality of their output across all production steps.

  • Inspiration

    A former Airbus employee, I realised the importance of product quality across the whole manufacturing chain: faulty products were thrown away or needed expensive repair, loads of sensors were monitoring only individual quality drivers, and final quality controls were very costly. I wanted to work on a comprehensive solution.

  • Unique selling points

    Manufacturers can monitor and optimise product quality across all manufacturing processes through a unique tool that enables simple and fast defect analysis, quality monitoring along the entire production chain, and shorter testing periods when introducing new machines or products. Our software reduces production wastage by up to 80%.

  • Societal impact

    Nebumind supports manufacturing industries in reaching their decarbonisation goals by saving energy and resources during production. With our software, we also want to strengthen the expertise of European manufacturers and help them maintain the lead in global manufacturing know-how.

  • EIT Community support

    EIT Manufacturing opened many doors to us in new sectors, such as the automotive and medtech industries, which helped us to enter new markets, increase sales, and grow nebumind.

  • Overcoming adversity

    To my surprise, being a woman was an advantage somehow. I could get much attention from this male-dominated manufacturing environment. Our main challenge was the unexpected departure of our co-founder and software developer, just before the company creation. We overcame this major blow thanks to our absolute faith in the quality and commercial potential of our solution.

nebumind software

The Nominee

  • The beginning

    I love complex stuff and have always wanted to know what lies beneath the surface. The aerospace sector was magnetic, but it was only until I became involved in a digitalisation project that I realised the full impact of IT. I am grateful to be part of this digital movement and very much enjoy working with techies.

  • Rewarding moments

    Recently I was asked to contribute to a book on leadership. Sharing my story and thoughts on how to run a business was the most rewarding moment of my career and work so far.

I am grateful to be part of this digital movement and very much enjoy working with techies.