Jean-Louis Pepin (Innovators Award)

Nominated by 

EIT Health

The innovation 

SENSAPNEA together with their tool Sunrise aims to bring simple diagnosis of sleep apnea to millions of people suffering from sleep disorders.


The consortium is well balanced with relevant partners to develop the SENSAPNEA solution and transfer to the market and the medical community:

  • SUNRISE: intellectual property and technical development of the chin sensor
  • UGA: coordinator of the project
  • CHUGA: clinical trial
  • Imperial College of London: dissemination and access to market internalisation
  • Madopa (French Living lab): evaluation of user experience (patients and all stakeholders)
  • Fondation de la Avenir: access to insurance and dissemination
  • EOVI MCD Santa Territoir: cost analysis and innovation in insurance reimbursement models
  • ProbaYes: essential expertise in AI
  • DOCAPOST:  data storage and privacy of the e-health solution