EIT Governing Board

The Governing Board is the principal governing body of the EIT, entrusted with the role of strategic leadership and the overall direction of the operational activities implemented by the EIT Headquarters. It is independent and autonomous in its decision-making and is responsible for the selection, evaluation and support of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (Innovation Communities).

The Governing Board brings together 12 high calibre members balancing prominent expertise from the higher education, research, business and innovation fields.  

Appointed Members

In accordance with the EIT Regulation, 12 members appointed to the EIT Governing Board in 2008 had a four year mandate that ended on 31 July 2012. Subsequently a call for expression of interest identified future candidates for the EIT Governing Board. The newly appointed EIT Governing Board members joined the six appointed EIT Governing Board members with a six year mandate (until 31 July 2014) as well as three representative members.

The EIT Governing Board unanimously elected Peter Olesen as its next Chairman during its meeting on 13 March 2014. Peter Olesen succeeds Alexander von Gabain, the second Chairman of the EIT Governing Board.

A transition mechanism was established under Section 1.2 of the EIT Statutes in order to ensure the continuity of the EIT Governing Board decision-making process. In line with this mechanism the EIT Governing Board decided to choose one third of its members to serve for a two-year period, one third for a four-year period and one third for a six-year period. The decision is backed by the European Commission and consequently the mandate of the 12 current appointed EIT Governing Board Members started the 5th June 2014.

European Commission Observer

In accordance with the EIT Regulation, the European Commission has appointed an observer to take part in the meetings of the Governing Board and of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the activities of the Governing Board by overseeing the implementation of its strategic decisions. It consists of the EIT Governing Board Chairperson and three appointed Governing Board Members.

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