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EIT Food's offer

EIT Food Business Creation Programmes 

EIT Food supports innovative impactful agri-food entrepreneurs and start-ups to deliver new food innovations and businesses across Europe.

What we offer:

  • An unparalleled network: access to 50+ of Europe’s leading agri-food businesses, universities and research organisations
  • European reach: we have a presence in every country in Europe (and beyond), helping your business reach new markets and develop internationally
  • A powerful brand: as the designated EU body to transform Europe’s food system, you will benefit from our powerful brand making your business more attractive to investors and customers
  • Long term support: we provide support from the generation of ideas for as long as you need it

Seedbed Incubator - A six-month programme that aims to transform innovative ideas and research breakthroughs into market-validated business propositions. The programme provides participants with world-class start-up training and coaching to identify their core business assumptions and the support to refine their business value propositions.

The EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) - The programme connects impactful agri-food start-ups with industry-leading corporate and research partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal: a successful market adoption.

RisingFoodStars - A network organisation for successful, game-changing early agri-food scale-ups, enabling its members to participate as Partners in all EIT Food activities. The Network allows impactful agri-food scale-ups to scale to the next level in becoming the international gamechangers of the future.

For start-ups and entrepreneurs from Southern and Eastern Europe, the following programmes are available as part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS):

TeamUp - Where brilliant co-founders team up and create impactful agri-food start-ups. TeamUp is a programme that matches leading technologists with top business professionals and supports them in building impactful agri-food ventures.

Test Farms - A programme that links agricultural start-ups with farmers and testing land. EIT Food helps innovative aggrotech start-ups to test and validate their products and showcase their business to customers and investors.

EWA (Empowering Women in Agrifood) - The objective of this programme is to motivate early-stage female entrepreneurs, equip them with the appropriate knowledge, confidence and networks to successfully start and develop sustainable businesses.

Water Scarcity - The programme aims to enhance knowledge and overcome current barriers to tackle water scarcity in Southern Europe through innovation, entrepreneurship, education and communication.

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