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EIT Support for Ukraine

The EIT community shares the wider European Union position in condemning in the strongest possible terms Russia's unprecedented military aggression against Ukraine. We deplore the loss of life and human suffering, and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

That’s why we’re joining the wider effort to support the Ukrainian people in any way we can whether that’s getting them medical assistance, education and skills, or full access to our innovation network.

EIT Health treats Ukrainians whether at the front or among refugees

From the beginning, EIT Health has been sending medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. Now, their Health University partners have opened their campuses to those seeking shelter, treatment, jobs, and scholarships.

The EIT Community expanded its activities with Ukrainians in research, business, and education this year

We’ve modified our existing programs so Ukrainians can keep working on their educational and professional goals despite the war. That includes:

  • EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education which provides opportunities in education, research, and entrepreneurship across Europe. To date, 12 HEIs from Ukraine (such as Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kyiv Academic University, Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, etc.) have already joined the Initiative and their number is growing.
  • Our Girls Go Circular project where 14–19-year-old girls are picking up digital and entrepreneurial skills. Their website is now available in Ukrainian. New modules will be published before the end of 2022.

Ukrainians can count on us to help them get the skills and support they need to get their ideas off the ground.

We’re getting ready to connect post-war Ukrainian business to Europe

Between 2023 and 2025, our communities will be ready to spread the support we already give Ukrainian refugees to a post-conflict Ukraine. That includes our education, training, and start-up support programs. The goal will be a Ukraine with access to European opportunities and value chains.

We’re improving the life of locals in the big cities

EIT UrbanMobility in collaboration with its partners has launched two projects  aimed at enhancing  living conditions in big cities such as Kyiv and Lviv.

  • The Modular Refugee Settlement Project in Lviv (in collaboration with the Warsaw University of Technology): This project will construct a prototype settlement for the refugee population in Lviv, taking into account everyone’s needs and creating communities with proper housing and a liveable environment.
  • Podilsky Courtyard (in collaboration with the NGO Podolіanochka): This project is located in Kyiv in Podil. It holds public participation events within a framework of space development. This is implemented by locals in collaboration with  authorities.

We’re supporting Ukrainian women in business

Our Supernovas have always been open to Ukrainian candidates. 

Open opportunities

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