Genevieve Bergeret

Award Category: 
Venture Award Nominee

Project: ProctorExam

Nominated by: EIT Digital

Key words: Safe, online, exams
Project aim: To facilitate safe online exams anywhere, anytime and to fill the missing link in online education
EIT Community connection: Business Acceleration Support at EIT Digital’s Dutch Co-location Centre

The project

  • The idea: ProctorExam provides the missing link in online education: safe online exams from anywhere, any time. Online education is growing, but students are still asked to travel to the institution for the exam. Using cutting-edge technology, ProctorExam authenticates the student behind the computer and monitors them during the exam to ensure they don’t cheat. With ProctorExam, students can take their exams any time from the comfort of their home or office space. This saves time and travel cost, and makes quality education available independent of geographic location.
  • Inspiration: When my colleague Daniel Haven was a student, he took an online course. From his student room in Amsterdam, he enjoyed learning from a leading American university. When it came time for the exam, he was asked to fly 5,500 kilometres just to take the exam. This went against the principles of online learning, so Daniel decided to create an online exam environment in the comfort of people’s homes, which is similar to an exam hall and prevents fraud. 
  • EIT Community support: EIT Digital has introduced ProctorExam to technical universities in Europe, as well as one of our most important clients, Vives. Along with coaching from Alain le Loux (Accelerator Coach), EIT Digital has provided ProctorExam with a unique platform to connect us to potential corporate and academic clients.

The nominee

  • The beginning: I’ve been working in education for 11 years, the last 5 of which has been in EdTech. I’m passionate about bringing quality education to students everywhere, and I believe online education opens possibilities for many people who would normally not have the opportunity to study. In order for online courses to be valued, there needs to be a secure system for taking online exams. That’s where ProctorExam comes in. When I first heard about ProctorExam, I could clearly see that future, and I’ve been working with the team ever since to share our vision!
  • Entrepreneurial flair: Passion and believing in a cause help, along with creative thinking and not being afraid to hear “no”. Not every university or corporate trainer is ready for online exam monitoring, but we’re confident that the market will grow to match the growth of online education.
  • Best memory: For me it’s a tie between a thank you letter from a student who was able to take her exam after her kids had gone to bed, expressing how ProctorExam had changed her life, and hearing one of my customers speak passionately at a conference about how ProctorExam had solved their exam problem and brought new students to their institution who wouldn’t have been able to study otherwise.

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