EIT Awards

INNOVEIT weeks is a series of EIT Community led events in over 12 locations around Europe. Stay tuned! Location reveal will come very soon.. 

15 September – EIT Higher Education Initiative
Hosted by EIT RawMaterials

The EIT Community has been working with universities and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) since its inception, training a new generation of entrepreneurs through training programmes at all levels. Taking things a step further, the EIT is now working more closely with HEIs, helping them boost their innovation capacities at their core, turning universities to regional engines of innovation!   

17 September – Youth Innovation Festival

Hosted by EIT Alumni

Get ready for an innovation festival like no other! Join EIT Alumni in the year of the youth as students, young entrepreneurs and innovators come together to celebrate, share ideas, and pave the way for the future of European innovation!

19 September – New European Bauhaus

Hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

Supporting the New European Bauhaus in building beautiful and sustainable experiences together, discover the wide ranging EIT Community programmes boosting citizen engagements and business acceleration to improve citizen’s quality of life! 

20 September – Transportation Decarbonisation

Hosted by EIT Urban Mobility

Our future mobility is in our hands! Discover the latest innovations and programmes transforming our regional and urban landscapes while accelerating our transition to a decarbonised future!

21 September - Investing in Talent & Skills

Hosted by EIT Digital

Keeping at pace with Europe’s digital transformations means investing in talent and skills for the future! The EIT is a front runner in fostering a robust reskilling revolution led by industry insights – get to know more by joining this event and meeting the sectors and partners ahead of the reskilling curve.

05 October - Women Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Hosted by EIT Food

The EIT community is proud to be home to a thriving community of women innovators, entrepreneurs and students forging a more inclusive and diverse network of innovation for Europe and beyond. Get to discover our new and improved Women Leadership & Entrepreneurship programme and find out how you can get involved!

06 October – Artificial Intelligence

Hosted by EIT Manufacturing

Demystifying artificial intelligence to harness innovation for humans is at the core of Europe’s digital transition! Meet innovations, entrepreneurs and ventures driving the future of artificial intelligence!

7 October – Culture and Creativity

Hosted by the EIT under the auspices of The Czech Presidency of the  Council of the EU

Meet EIT Culture and Creativity, the newest (as in a couple months) EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community! Join the EIT as it sets the stage for the recovery and resilience of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries.

11 October – EIT Summit

Hosted by the EIT

See INNOVEIT Weeks come together with the culminating event, EIT Summit – you don’t want to miss this full-fledged event where EIT’s main pillars and ecosystem will be on display. Stay tuned as the institute announces a new flagship programme set to rock the innovation landscape in Europe!

DATE MISSING – EIT Regional Innovation Scheme

Hosted by EIT Health

Bridging the innovation divide in Europe is a top priority for the EIT Community. Discover the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme and its plethora of activities and programmes that have supported a more inclusive innovation ecosystem, bridging gaps, offering tailor made support, and helping more European regions transform into bastions of success and growth.

DATE MISSING – Resilience in Health

Hosted by EIT Health

Discover the intersection between digital technologies and healthcare, see first-hand people-oriented innovation with purpose, rebuilding the health care sector to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis ensuring a more equitable and resilient health future!

DATE MISSING -  Accelerating the Energy Transition

Hosted by EIT InnoEnergy

The energy transition is among us, learn how EIT InnoEnergy, the leading innovation community in sustainable energy solutions is accelerating this transition! Meet the latest energy solutions, and find out how EIT InnoEnergy is bringing industry partners together through the European Battery Alliance!