Bianca Tudor

Founder and CEO Elite Business Women

Jury member - EIT Woman Award

Bianca Tudor, Founder & CEO Elite Business Women & Elite Business Women Investment Fund.  

I started my career at 19, working for a multinational company. My interest in leadership, young leaders, and female leadership started to take shape around the age of 22, when I joined the global organisation – Junior Chamber International. My drive and commitment have allowed me to become the Training and Personal Development Manager/Director of the organisation and later, one of its board members. 

JCI also helped widen my horizons and in 2012 I joined the Equality Pays Off initiative – a programme developed and implemented by/under the guidance of the European Commission, with activities taking place both in Bucharest and Vienna.

When the opportunity arose, I accepted the challenge of becoming the Regional Director of The Alpha Group International, where I contributed to the growth and expansion of Bucharest-based businesses and deepened my understanding of the entrepreneurial sector.

Leveraging my business experience gained during this time, combined with the valuable knowledge attained previously, I laid the foundations of what Elite Business Women is today, an international company for women entrepreneurs, in Romania, UK, Portugal, Belgium and Italy, counting 10 000 companies.