Eliezer Manor

Angel investor 

Jury member - EIT Innovators Award 

Eliezer Manor is a businessman engaged in high-tech entrepreneurship, venture capital, corporate venture capital and venture philanthropy. His activities are carried out through his wholly-owned company – Shirat Enterprises Ltd . Shirat is a holding portfolio of private investments and in parallel acts as a management company.

Eliezer is a physicist, graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who spent many years with the Israeli Defense Forces and the R&D Department of the Ministry of Defense, in the field of Electro-Optics.

His past and present activities cover all the 'spectrum' and sequence of high-tech and venture capital related activities:

  • High-tech entrepreneurship, venture capital and technology incubation in Israel and in the US
  • Founder and first Executive Director of IVA – the Israeli Venture Capital Association
  • Angel investments
  • Joint programs with multinational companies
  • Investment banking and stock markets of high-tech/high-growth companies
  • Board membership of private and public companies traded on NASDAQ and on TASE

He is engaged in a broad programme with Israeli companies which establish operations for business development in China and industrialisation and commercialisation of their products in the Chinese and worldwide markets. The programme is carried out by Shirat, together with local governments and large companies from China, within the framework of a open innovation incubator.

Eliezer is partner in REDDS Open Innovation VC Fund, as a GP member. He established and manages a philanthropy venture fund to support and assist disadvantaged youngsters for studies, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.