Péter Oszkó

OXO group

Jury member - EIT Venture Award

Péter Oszkó joined Deloitte as a partner in 2004, seven years after finishing his university studies. He was nominated as Country Managing Partner in 2007, at the same time, he also took the leadership of the Deloitte advisory business units in the former Yugoslav countries.

Péter Oszkó was, partly as a result of various public activities, invited into the technocrat government of Hungary for a one year crisis management job. As Finance Minister, he was involved in a fiscal adjustment of about four per cent of the GDP in one year, including pension reform, the financing of local municipalities and the restructuring of the tax system.

From the second half of 2010, he started a new professional activity in the emerging Hungarian venture capital industry. He took the leadership of the VC subsidiary of the OTP group. In two years, he involved other LPs besides OTP, launched two new VC funds and increased the size of the managed assets to EUR 100 million, while managing to exit from the first investments at spectacular valuations.

Péter left the OTP group in 2014, to launch a independent regional VC firm with various LPs from the tech and financial sector. He formed the OXO group, which includes an advisory and accelerator business line, the OXO Labs; OXO Angels, an operating regional business angel network and angel investment company; and OXO Ventures, a VC Fund Manager, working with different size of funds.