5 May

EIT Alumni Startup Days - Berlin Blockchain edition

On 5 May, the EIT Alumni are holding the second edition of the new and improved EIT Alumni Startup DaysChallenge Solving Edition

The EIT Alumni Startup Days bring together graduates, researchers, developers, designers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-up enthusiasts under one roof, in an intense 12 hour "hackathon" to solve challenges faced by major industries across Europe, and embark on new entrepreneurial adventures.

This year their event will be held in the beautiful EIT Climate-KIC Green Garage. Come and join us to work on a challenge together, find solutions, and implement your ideas!

The Challenge


Let’s think about which areas of society and business could be improved? How we can effectively utilize Blockchain technology to decentralize and democratise these systems? and what new business models could be unlocked?

  • Source: what are some of the most inefficient systems in your environment that you could improve?
  • Identify: what are promising current examples of the use of Blockchain technology?
  • Think: how can we address these inefficiencies?
  • Strategise: What new business models could we unlock and develop?  

Read the full challenge here

Our challenge is provided by the Energy Web Foundation, a global non-profit organization focused on accelerating Blockchain technology across the energy sector.

More information, including the agenda is available here:

Venue Address: 
Green Garage, EUREF-Campus 15a,
Organised by: 
EIT Alumni
Venue Description: 

The Green Garage offers 280 square metres of modern working space for six start-ups, as well as space for workshops and seminars for up to 60 people. The building, originally a historic garage built in 1927, was preserved during its conversion and is an example of climate-friendly conversion of existing buildings. It's historic, beautiful wooden garage doors have been retained, but Climate-KIC have brought the venue into the modern age by  heating it with biogas, installing a solar roof an connecting the electrical systems to the EUREF campus smart grid.

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