EIT Climate-KIC Green Finance Workshop | European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
21 Mar

EIT Climate-KIC Green Finance Workshop

SDG #11: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”


A key to answering this question is green finance. In the Nordics we have some of the world’s most climate ambitious cities in terms of targets for adaptation and mitigation. City leaders stress that one of the most challenging aspects of achieving these is to obtain the required financing. Green finance initiatives represent a key to solving this dilemma, and we need to create an enabling environment. 

In order to do this, we need to share experiences and knowledge. Reaching a mutual understanding between city officials and the investment community on what it takes to create bankable projects and to secure green financing is crucial. As Gothenburg is a pioneering city within the realm of green bonds, it is the perfect backdrop for this two day workshop.

Ties between the public and the private sector are strong in many Nordic cities, yet there is still a pressing need for increased cooperation and knowledge sharing between cities, financial practitioners and technical experts.

The purpose of this workshop is to increase access to and further explore the potential for green public-private partnerships and their role in achieving municipal climate goals. We want to aid public decision makers in finding new ways of involving the private sector in the funding of green projects and in this way unlock climate finance through competence building. 

In collaboration with  the City of Gothenburg

Target group 

City and municipality officials, treasury/finance officers and technical/environmental officers. Investment officers from pension funds, public and private financial institutions, multilateral banks, etc.

Policymakers will gain a further understanding of how to: 

  • Attract green investors to climate mitigation projects
  • Develop stronger leadership in and greater awareness of green bond initiatives and generating green finance
  • Better engage new actors and investors to work with green finance on a city scale, e.g. the finance sector, insurance companies, utilities and private investors.

Investors will gain a further understanding of: 

  • Green bonds and the investment opportunities they present.
  • Climate reporting and how to accurately quantify the environmental impact of their investments.

Private partners will be learn how to:

  • Measure and quantify the climate benefits of proposed projects in monetary terms 
  • Establish a methodology for climate impact measurement as well as how to provide support for reporting climate impact assessments to investors and other stakeholders


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Venue Address: 
Södra Hamngatan 59, Gothenburg, Sweden
Organised by: 
Climate-KIC and the City of Gothenburg

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