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5 Mar

EIT Digital @ EuroShop 2017

EuroShop, organized first time in 1966, is the Europe's largest retail business trade show, with 100.000 visitors and 2,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries. EIT Digital will be presenting its leading European retail scaleups and innovations at the EuroShop hall 7 (Retail technology).

"As EuroShop is the place to be for all retail professionals, the EIT Digital booth is the place to get the snapshot of the Next Big Things in Retail Technology. We are excited to show how to create value from dynamic and flexible omnichannel solutions for all kinds of commerce - physical, online or blended - and enable the seamless consumer experience in exploration, in choice of products, payment and delivery. And, for our scaleups, Euroshop provides great possibilities for access to market opportunities", says Mr Petri Liuha, the Action Line leader of the Digital Industry Action Line at EIT Digital.

EuroShop 2017 is open for trade visitors from Sunday, March 5 2017, to Thursday, March 9 2017, daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. See You at the EIT Digital booth, 70-B02 - and stay tuned for more detailed information of our offering at EuroShop 2017.

Meet EIT Digital's exhibiting companies and their advanced technology solutions for the Retail Tech:

Exipple Studio's Artificial Intelligence Platform 'Gestoos' uses a machine learning mechanism to detect people's behaviour and gestures. Gestoos understands human behaviour in context and is therefore relevant for hyperlocal advertising. At the EuroShop Exipple Studio is presenting a technology solution for Digital Signage. Via natural gestures, users can interact with advertising content to explore products in a more human and intuitive manner. Gestoos will show how valuable information on the audience can be extracted without compromising users' privacy.

"The implementation of Gestoos in Retail requires the participation of digital contents agencies and infrastructure suppliers, so we think EuroShop is a great place to be to identify and ally with these players." - Germán León, CEO Gestoos

Contact: German Leon, CEO (german@exipple.com), www.exipple.com

ThinkIN is web analytics for physical spaces. It offers RetailerIN, web analytics solution for retail. RetailerIN provides an advanced in-store behaviour analytics solution for monitoring movements of people and assets in real-time, analysing data and transforming it into actionable indicators to recommend first, and then optimise store operations and enhance shoppers' experience.

With RetailerIN retailers and store keepers can:

  • Analyse customer behaviour by tracking shopper's routes from entrance to exit with category, shelf and product level accuracy.
  • Send highly targeted advertisements directly to the phone or to a display attached to a shopping cart.
  • Measure the effectiveness of different store layouts and recommend how to optimize product placement & shelf space revenues.

"To survive in the digital century retail needs to embrace IoT, big data and AI. With RetailerIN we have built an integrated solution able to smoothly transition retailers from the past straight into the future." - Iacopo Carreras, CEO ThinkIN

Contact: Iacopo Carreras, CEO (iacopo.carreras@thinkin.io), www.think.io

Selitera is an experienced multidisciplinary company developing disruptive products to connect digital and physical commerce through mobile devices with intelligent light and sound. At the EuroShop, Selitera is presenting its game changing retail and marketing solution Klikify. Klikify connects physical store with customer's digital experience on his/her smartphone. With just one click, the visitor can see, share, purchase or bookmark unique commercial content as never seen before. This solution was developed in close cooperation with Philips Pro Displays and Hypsos Digital Experiences.

Contact: Zary Segall, CEO (zary@selitera.com), www.selitera.com

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