4 Jul

EIT RawMaterials RE-ACTIVATE Community Workshop

RE-ACTIVATE, a project supported by EIT RawMaterials, is aimed to establish a Network of Infrastructure (NoI) of experts throughout the EIT RawMaterials community, developing superior technical infrastructure to create synergies to merge and further develop advanced technologies and methodologies for re-activation of former mine sites.

Establishing the proposed NoI will achieve the following main goals:

  • developing superior technical infrastructure to foster technologies and methodologies for re-activation of former mine sites
  • all available best practice technologies are known and evaluated
  • demand for further development and innovation is described, creation of project proposals for future developments and innovation in all relevant and applicable technologies for re-activating former mine sites
  • making best practice examples available, both on technical, legal (mineral policies, permitting and regulatory and administrative procedures, transparency), economic (including taxes) and environmental solutions for every phase of re-activation project
  • raising common awareness and understanding promotion among general public, decision makers and experts as well as increasing information/knowledge on the role of minerals in everyday life and impact of mining industries on countries economic development, supporting stakeholders on different levels (EU, member states, regional)

Target Participants

The Workshop is open to all stakeholders interested in re-activation of former mine sites, dumps and tailings, from inside and outside the EIT RawMaterials.

The participation is free of charge. You can easily register online here

Please follow the link to see the invitation to the RE-ACTIVATE Community Workshop.



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