Join the free webinar “Developing an Artificial Pancreas“ hosted by EIT Health Core Partner Profil Germany | European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
24 Feb

Join the free webinar “Developing an Artificial Pancreas“ hosted by EIT Health Core Partner Profil Germany

Many people with diabetes depend on the injection of insulin several times daily. Human action is required for blood glucose assessments, dose calculation, and insulin injection, which is error prone and may affect the quality of life for patients and supporting relatives.

Recently, there has been significant progress in the development of an Artificial Pancreas, which would be a technical cure for diabetes. It works by closing the loop between blood glucose alterations and insulin provision, as it is for people without diabetes. The Artificial Pancreas is often called the “holy grail” for diabetes treatment, as it would free the patient of constant concern with his/her disease. Particularly for the elderly, this is expected to reduce frailty and disability and to prolong independent and self-determined life.

Public enthusiasm for the Artificial Pancreas has been confirmed by its selection, among others, as one of the 25 best inventions of 2013 by Time Magazine, which is a patients’ vote on the most important diabetes research activities. There has also been a high level of technology acceptance by people using the device when participating in clinical trials.

In this webinar, Dr Eric Zijlstra (Director of Medical Technology at Profil Germany) and Dr Carsten Benesch (Director of Technical Development at Profil Germany) will outline the concept of the Artificial Pancreas. They will provide a critical appraisal of closed loop systems under clinical development and forecast how the field is going to develop in the next few years on its way to becoming a commercially viable system for the benefit of patients, nursing relatives, and health care systems.

If you want to learn more about the Artificial Pancreas, register for the webinar to be held on February 24 at 4:00pm CET

The EIT Health Core Partner Profil Germany is a globally operating full service CRO uniquely positioned by its focus on clinical trials evaluating drugs and devices for people living with obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders. Profil Germany has been involved in developing nearly all major anti-diabetic compounds and devices in the market today. Profil Germany has coordinated the large EU funded AP@home project dedicated to the development of an Artificial Pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes.

In order to strengthen proactivity in meeting future business requirements, Profil Germany decided to become a core partner of EIT Health. This opens up new avenues for extending the organisation’s service portfolio to accommodate paradigm shifts in the evaluation, licensing and reimbursement of drugs and devices.

Profil Germany took the lead in designing the CLOSE innovation project by design, which has been contributed to the EIT Health Business Plan 2016. The CLOSE consortium will develop and deploy an integrated package centred on closed loop metabolic control for severely ill patients with type 2 diabetes. CLOSE will boost homecare service provision, improve quality of life of patients and their families, and increase the sustainability of healthcare systems.

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