KIC InnoEnergy showcases @ Building Holland 2016 | European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
22 Mar

KIC InnoEnergy showcases @ Building Holland 2016

KIC InnoEnergy showcases no less than 9 very advanced technologies at Building Holland 2016, all developed to make buildings and cities more sustainable. Come visit us in the RAI, Amsterdam at booth 10.068 from 22 to 24 March!

Discover 9 of KIC InnoEnergy's most innovative energy ventures

KIC InnoEnergy proudly presents:

  • AERspire. Aesthetic qualitative roof solutions that produce both electricity & heat
  • Daylight Solutions. Active control over the sun’s heat and light radiation in your building
  • ECOvat. Also excess wind & solar energy can be stored for future use!
  • Enervalis. Attain the lowest energy cost by making optimal use of all your energy resources
  • iBuildGreen. The building configurator with Building Information Model (BIM) Connection
  • Active Insulation. Insulation with a controllable thermal resistance to cool and heat in a natural way
  • Smartroof. Photovoltaic cells invisibly integrated in your roof tiles
  • Soundenergy. Cool your building at no energy cost, using excess heat
  • Watch-E. ‘Mijnenergiebundel’ offers complete insight in all energy aspects of your nearly zero-energy building

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