2 Mar

Startup My Business Weekend

Between 2 and 4 March, the EIT, as part of its pilot Migrant Initiative, is organising a Startup My Business Weekend with Startup Refugees for newcomers in Helsinki.

The weekend will give the participants knowledge on how to start a business in Finland and offer necessary skills and networks to move forward. Startup Refugees network members will offer knowledge, mentoring and support in entrepreneurship. Participants will gain an opportunity to develop their business idea and learn practical skills such as the basics of marketing and obtaining finance.

Event Agenda:

Day 1:

Get scared but excited about starting

your business
Day 2:

My customers and

profitable business
Day 3:

Developing my Business
11:45 - Registration 10:30 - Registration 12:00 - Registration
12:45 - Introduction to the EIT 11:00 - What support is on offer 12:30 - Why fine tuning your business is important
13:30 - How to start a business in Finland 11:15 - Basics of budgeting 14:00 - My next steps
14:30 - Inspirational Stories and introduction to mentors 13:00 - Knowing your customers 15:00 - Inspiration speech
15:30 - My business idea development workshops 15:15 - Presentation from the EIT 15:30 - Pitching my idea
17:30 - Present your business idea 16:15 - The money 16:30 - Final tasks
18:30 - Day 1 close 18:00 - Pitching Your business ideas 17:30 - Closing the day

More information about the Startup My Business Weekend and sign up form will shortly be available on the Startup Refugees website.



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