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The EIT Community logo – permission for use

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) cooperates with many external organisations and the need to use the EIT logo or that of its Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KIC logo) by third parties frequently arises.

The logos of the EIT and of its KICs are the intellectual property of the EIT. The EIT will pursue cases of abuse and fraudulent use of these logos.

I. Terms and conditions of use

I.1 The EIT grants the use of the KIC logos to the designated KICs and their partners through signing a framework partnership agreement or by award a specific grant.

I.2 In addition, the EIT logo and those of the KICs may be used by third parties subject to the below terms and conditions.

These logos may only be used if:

  • Permission is requested and granted in writing before the logo is used;
  • There is no likelihood of the user of the logo being confused with the EIT and/or its KICs;
  • It is not used in connection with objectives or activities which are incompatible with the aims and principles of the EIT and/or of its KICs;
  • It is not used to imply or suggest unintended endorsement or promotion of the objectives and activities of the user of the logo by the EIT and/or of its KICs.

I.3 The specific logo shall be used in its entirety without distorting, modifying or separating its component elements.

Permission to use the EIT and/or of one its KICs logo does not confer on those to whom it is granted any right of exclusive use, nor does it allow them to appropriate the logo, either by registration or any other means. Each case will be examined individually to ascertain whether it satisfies the criteria set out above. This will be unlikely in a commercial context if the logo of EIT is used in conjunction with a company’s own logo, name or trade mark.

II. Request for permission to use the EIT or KICs logo

Request for permission should be submitted to the Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). All EIT units are authorised to give permission to third parties to use the EIT logo subject to the terms and conditions as described above.

Requests for permission can also be submitted to the EIT Communications Team on our contact page

The EIT grants the use of the EIT KIC logos to the designated KICs and their partner organisations. For the use of a specific KIC logo, please contact the KIC directly.

III. Downloading the EIT logo

Third parties can download, copy and store the EIT logo below:

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Full colour - TIF

Full colour - GIF



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