EIT factsheet on Enervalis, energy software company

Enervalis’s technology helps users to turn energy into savings

‘Creating more value with energy’ is the motto of successful start-up Enervalis and the company’s mission is simple: to help electricity producers, distributors and consumers to save or make money by automatically optimising their energy supply, storage and demand flexibility.

The company’s main offering is the ‘SMARTPOWER-Suite® software as a service’ (SAAS) and hardware solutions, which enables sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicles, buildings and micro-grids. The technology includes features such as a forecasting engine for energy production and consumption, and access to wholesale energy market trading, which can be combined as necessary to meet the individual needs of each user.

Stefan Lodeweyckx, founder and CEO of the company, had an unusual approach when it came to developing the start-up and its innovative technology. 'I experimented with ways to apply game consoles as an energy gateway in home situations,' he explains. 'I saw economic potential in complex energy services at a residential level, and wanted to continue working on this independently. That is how Enervalis got started.'

The company was still in its infancy when it became involved with EIT InnoEnergy in 2013. 'After two months we were already included in the EIT InnoEnergy Highway® programme and that helped, not least for our credibility,' Stefan says. 'In the beginning we worked mainly on a project basis, enabling us to build the software we had in mind with each assignment basis. We had the typical struggle for life that start-ups have,' he adds, 'but during tough times we always felt the support from EIT InnoEnergy, which is something you really can’t put a price tag on.'