Ennesys converts waste water into energy - EIT award nominee (Climate-KIC)

Encouraging entrepreneurship in Europe is a key part of the EIT's mission. Ennesys is one of the 9 companies that was selected by EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (here, KIC InnoEnergy) for the EIT awards 2012.
The elevator pitch: A French venture to develop systems for true eco-buildings - placing 'photobioreactors', or flat planels of algae and water, on the facades of buildings to generate energy.
The founders: The company was founded in 2010 by Pierre Tauzinat and Jean-Louis Kindler. A few months later, Christine Grimault joined the team. Jean-Louis and Pierre have worked together for 25 years in the field of technology transfer, with a particular focus on environment-related technologies. Christine has a track record of more than 25 years in communications, marketing and strategic planning for the real estate development industry.
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