Park Green: solar energy for electric cars - EIT Awards 2012 nominee (KIC InnoEnergy)

Encouraging entrepreneurship in Europe is a key part of the EIT's mission. Park Green is one of the 9 companies that was selected by EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (here, KIC InnoEnergy) for the EIT awards 2012.
The founders: The company was founded by David Garcia and Christian Knapp. Garcia, a 40-year-old Spaniard, has been a clean tech entrepreneur since 2004, founding and participating in various companies. Knapp, a 39-year-old German engineer, is a specialist in solar energy and has extensive experience in project management, design, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.
Technology: We are joining the solar energy generation with sustainable mobility; our objective is to move electric cars with solar energy. We have a Utility Model (exclusive right granted for an invention) registered. Apart from joining PV energy with recharging electric vehicles, our carport also offers higher levels of safety, security and energy production than other similar solutions, due to our design.

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