Smart Signs: the indoor personal GPS - EIT Awards 2012 nominee (EIT ICT Labs)

Encouraging entrepreneurship in Europe is a key part of the EIT's mission. Smart Signs is one of the 9 companies that was selected by EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (here, EIT ICT Labs) for the EIT Awards 2012.
The elevator pitch: Smart Signs Solutions brings navigation into large buildings like hospitals, airports, offices, and university buildings, where it stops at the entrance. Our solutions guide visitors to the right place by means of digital signs in a personalised and effective way. Cutting-edge is the intelligence to adapt to the dynamics of the building (e.g. broken elevator or department closed) and capabilities of the visitors (e.g. mobility and language). Visiting a building will be more pleasant. Organisations will be able to improve processes, maximise asset capitalisation and to reduce costs.
The founders: Maria Lijding received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Twente in the Netherlands in 2003, and a masters in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1996. She founded Smart Signs in 2008 in order to exploit the results on the research that she carried out as a post-doctoral researcher in the Pervasive Systems group of the University of Twente. As a researcher at the University of Twente she was technical project manager of the Dutch founded research project Smart Surroundings (16 members, €13M budget) and participated in various European research projects in the areas of Ambient Intelligence and Wireless Sensor Networks. In 2010 Maria Lijding won the growth award from VentureLab Twento.
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