16. What countries will be eligible for the EIT’s Call for Proposals?


In accordance with the Horizon Europe Regulation (Article 22), entities regardless of the place of establishment are eligible for participation in the EIT Call for Proposals. The EIT’s Call will result in the designation of the winning consortium by the EIT Governing Board (no funding will be awarded at this stage of the procedure).

As regards eligibility for funding, the designated winning consortium will receive funding for the start-up phase of the KIC: as a general rule, entities from EU Member States and Horizon Europe associated countries are eligible for funding (Article 23 of the Horizon Europe Regulation).

In line with Article 9(4) of the EIT Regulation, at least two thirds of the partner organisations forming a KIC shall be established in the EU Member States.

Information regarding the state of play of Horizon European association procedures can be found on the Funding and Tenders Portal, in the Horizon Europe Online Manual.