23. What is an EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (EIT KIC)?


An EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community is a partnership that brings together partner organisations from the sectors and industries, including from business, education and research. They develop and offer a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities across Europe: entrepreneurial education courses, business creation and acceleration services and innovation driven research projects. This results in:

  • Training of a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Development of innovative products and services for the sectors and industries
  • Creation of new companies and acceleration of existing ones

Through its Knowledge and Innovation Communities, the EIT strengthens cooperation among businesses (including SMEs), higher education institutions and research organisations. Partners form dynamic pan-European partnerships and create favourable environments for creative thought processes and innovations to flourish. Real sustainable products, services, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, scientists, companies, revenue, profit and jobs are emerging from the EIT Community, right here in Europe – concrete results and impact from Europe’s, if not the world’s, largest innovation ecosystem.