30. What is the role of the future EIT Culture & Creativity among the other EU financial instruments supporting culture?


The new KIC, EIT & Culture & Creativity is not an EU financial instrument per se. Its main purpose is to increase the innovation capacity of the sectors through the integration of the knowledge triangle. No other EU instrument addresses the needs of the CCSI under this angle and this is what makes the new KIC unique. In this context, a significant share of the activities of the new KIC will aim at supporting innovators and ventures at various stage of their development, notably in securing funding. It could be direct funding provided by the KIC, as well as support to access funding provided by public instruments (for example under InvestEU or Creative Europe) or private sources (venture capital, business angels, etc.). Through its ecosystem approach, the new KIC is thereby a perfect instrument to provide a tailor-made approach to the funding needs of the stakeholders either by connecting them to the funding providers or by providing direct funding.