41. CCSI are not equally developed everywhere across Europe. How will the new KIC help to develop CCSI ecosystems in regions? Will any existing creative industry development strategy considered?


Ensuring the pan-European impact on the societal challenge, human capital, job creation, economic growth etc. are key factors to be considered for potential applicants. Additionally, the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme will need to become an integral part of its operations. The EIT RIS will contribute to the advancement of the innovation performance of moderate and modest innovator countries and their regions by strengthening the capacity of their innovation enablers and actors and linkages among them (such as business accelerators, incubators, start-ups, scale-ups, businesses including SMEs, agencies, education and research institutions, and their infrastructures, etc.) through the dissemination of the knowledge triangle (business, education and research) integration approach. This is the cornerstone of the EIT intervention logic.