56. How does the EIT take into account funds orchestrated by a KIC but not actually received/ invested / spent by that KIC? How do these count with regard to financial sustainability, funding rules, etc.?


KICs can indeed initiate and orchestrate non-EIT funded activities which contribute to the strategic objectives of the EIT and KICs, with funds received from other public or private organizations. Allowed sources of funding for a KIC are defined in the EIT Horizon Europe legal package (SIA, Regulation), and as follows:

  1. Contributions from partner organisations, forming a substantial source of funding;
  2. Voluntary contributions from Member States, associated countries or third countries or public authorities within them;
  3. Contributions from international bodies or institutions;
  4. Revenue generated by the KICs’ own assets and activities and royalties from intellectual property rights;
  5. Capital endowments;
  6. Bequests, donations and contributions from individuals, institutions, foundations or any other bodies established under national law;
  7. The financial contribution from the EIT;
  8. Financial instruments, including those funded from the general budget of the Union.

The exact provisions on how to account for non-EIT funded activities of the KICs are still to be decided.