62. Is the initial funding awarded to each founding partner on a scale similar to Horizon Europe Clusters? What is the scale of funding that a partner can expect if they apply for this funding?


The EIT grant is awarded on a competitive basis to the Knowledge and Innovation Communities, and not to individual partners, to implement the portfolio of activities proposed in an annual or multiannual perspective. The individual KICs have been given a large degree of autonomy in defining their internal organisation, composition, agenda and working methods, allowing them to choose the approach and range of activities that are best suited to meet their strategic innovation goals. EIT funding is aimed at supporting the integration of the knowledge triangle (higher education, research and innovation) via specific Key Added Value Activities (KAVAs). These funded activities – as a general rule - are selected by the KICs through open calls, however some activities in a KIC’s portfolio may also be centrally steered. In accordance, the scale of funding to be received by the individual partners largely depends on the role these partners take up in the implementation of the KIC’s Strategic Agenda, whether in centrally steered activities or by participating in the Calls run by the KIC.