9. Who can participate? What types of partners or entities should be considered? Can schools as well as universities participate or local authorities? Is the EIT Call for Proposal open to all age groups?


In line with Article 9 of the EIT Regulation, the EIT Call for Proposals is not open for natural persons, but for organisations. The minimum condition to form a KIC is the participation of at least three independent partner organisations, that are comprised of at least one Higher Education Institution (HEI), one research organisation and one private company and that are established in at least three different Member States. In addition, Article 2(5) defines partner organisations as follows: “A ‘partner organisation’ means a legal entity which is a member of a KIC and may include, in particular, higher education institutions, vocational education and training providers, research organisations, public institutions, public or private companies, financial institutions, regional and local authorities, foundations and not-for-profit organisations.”

Actors of the Knowledge Triangle are invited to form consortia, but may be extended to other types of partners, which fulfil eligibility conditions and are essential to deliver on the proposed strategy.