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Campus eLab generates report on trends in diabetes care

CDTM and EIT Health collaborate in seminar based on CLOSE project

Campus eLab generates report on trends in diabetes care

A new report produced by students involved in the CLOSE EIT Health Campus Trend Seminar identified diverse technological trends in diabetes that range in potential impact – from helping patients better self-manage their disease to completely curing the disease.

"Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care: Trend Report 2016" also presents five new innovations:

  • Wholy: a technology based holistic approach to diet control.
  • Preventino: an intensive online diabetes prevention programme.
  • Ultimate Loop: a glucose measuring device and insulin pump combined with sophisticated software to facilitate self treatment.
  • Diabetes Buddy: an online network of diabetes patients who can act as mentors.
  • Smart Tooth: a means for analysing carb intake while eating.

The report highlights promising areas that are likely to yield progress in dealing with the challenges of diabetes. It identifies five types of trends: 

  • Technology 
  • Economic 
  • Societal & Environmental 
  • Business Model 
  • Political & Legal 

After studying the currrent areas of innovation in the field, the students developed new ideas that could eventually reach the market and make a difference for the more than 50 million diabetes patients in Europe – and the many others around the world. 

CLOSE, an EIT Health innovation-by-design project, is developing an artificial pancreas with the potential to revolutionise the lives of diabetes patients, making it possible for even the severely ill to stay at home. Using this idea as the inspiration for an EIT Health Campus Trend Seminar, CLOSE, and their educational partner CDTM, gave student teams an opportunity to address meaningful innovation challenges with real-life ramifications through a Campus eLab project conducted in 2016.

CDTM (The Center for Digital Technology and Management) is a joint institution of the two universities in Munich, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and the Technische Universität München (TUM). The TUM is an EIT Health partner.

The students' research findings have been collected into this report, which presents trends in the field of diabetes care. The students used the findings to derive four scenarios that vividly depict possible futures. In the final part, five business ideas are elaborated and validated in each of the four scenarios.

The report has been published and is now available here.

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Main Photo: Campus eLab generates report on trends in diabetes care