Climate-KIC: Five reasons to join the climate change summer school this year

Will you be the world’s next big climate innovator?

Take part in the world’s largest climate change innovation and start-up summer school The Journey. This is why you should join:

  1. Boost your career prospects in some of Europe’s most buzzing entrepreneurial and cultural hot spots. The Journey will be hosted by six of the top-10 student cities in 2015, in addition to 12 other European locations.
  2. Unique first-class hands-on entrepreneurship training – develop your knowledge, identify your idea and create a business plan for your start-up in just 5 weeks!
  3. Get the latest climate science knowledge and insights to help identify market opportunities. Enjoy thought leadership and business innovation coaching from our world-class partner network.
  4. Engage with some of Europe’s best climate and business experts from leading universities such as Imperial College London, ETH Zürich, TU Munich and businesses like VELUX, Bayer Technology Services, Knight Frank and KLM. You’ll get access to a world-class network of climate innovators, start-ups, businesses and like-minded students from Europe and all over the world!
  5. Take action to stop further climate change. The world needs innovators to help bring down CO2 levels and to find new ways to adapt to change that’s already occurring.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience

Last year we organised an unforgettable summer for 300 students from 71 different disciplines, are you going to be one of them this year?

Tommie Månsson from Chalmers University in Sweden put it like this:

“The Journey was epic from beginning to end! The experience and knowledge I gained in climate entrepreneurship, marketing and the making of a business plan was priceless. I ended The Journey with a couple of new friends for life and an early stage start-up project which we’re currently working on in the Climate-KIC incubator, the Greenhouse, in London.”

World-wide reach

The Journey, offers a unique opportunity to ‘learn by doing’. It combines lectures, case studies and site-visits to help get you up to speed on the latest climate and business knowledge, with practical workshops, coaching and collaboration to assist students to identify and pitch their own business ideas and plans.

In 2015, we are proud to extend our well-respected Climate-KIC summer school programme, for the first time, to students from outside Europe. This is a great opportunity for budding student entrepreneurs to network, at an early stage of their careers, with like-minded talent and future change agents from all over the world!

Need more proof?

Check out last summer’s Journey in which nearly 300 students took part. You can find more information about Climate-KIC’s summer school, The Journey, as well as all eligibility criteria and our application form here.

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