Appero at JA Helsinki

EIT Alumni Startup Days Team 2nd runner up at JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017

App'ero, a team who took their first steps during the EIT Alumni Startup Days 2016, were recently announced as the 2nd runners up of the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017 in Helsinki!

The international team, composed entirely of EIT Digital students Ana Gonzalez Plaza, Andrea Vallejo, Devrat Shekawat, Emmanuel Chaudron, Jaechul Lee, and Wissem Chouk, have created an innovative app that allows users to find local hotels and restaurants, place orders through their phone (removing queue time!) and split the bill between friends.

What was just an idea seven months ago, has now become a reality. This June, App'ero have been on fire!

The month began with their participation in the French national EPA startup championship. This year, just under 400 students from 20 different institutions competed. After a tough series of public pitching competitions, teams were required to exhibit their concepts on stands for the remainder of the day. Finally, a winner was selected by a jury composed of teachers and jury professionals.

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Impressively, App'ero were announced as the winners of the whole competition and were awarded the chance to compete at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017!

But App'ero didn't stop there. After their victory at the EPA competition, the team entered into a 'proof of concept' partnership with Meridien Hotels, the third largest hotel group in Europe. Finally, App'ero took to the stage once again to compete at the JA European finals in Helsinki. After a long day pitching they once again gained recognition for their efforts, being awarded 2nd runner up of the whole competition!


Following their success, App'ero got in touch with the EIT Alumni Community to share some of their experiences. They had the following to say:

"The European Competition was very hard. The rest of the teams had incredible ideas and the level was pretty high. However, after winning the French national competition we were able to receive advice and coaching from some members of (EPA) Entreprendre Pour Apprendre, BNP Paribas Cardif, VISA, Agoranov, La Banque Postale and Disney, among others. We are incredibly grateful for this, we improved our Business Plans, as well as the three pitches we had to do during the European Competition. So, we are very proud to win the 2nd runner up prize with all this support and  after receiving such a positive response from the jury. We are also very glad to know that the EIT wants to share our experience in this journey with the rest of the EIT Community."

Here's a throwback to a younger App'ero at the EIT Alumni Start up Days 2016:


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