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EIT Health Campus announces innovative health education activities

Innovative methods to teach about innovation

EIT Health Campus is happy to announce the launch of five innovate health education activities.

The call sought innovative education proposals to provide the EIT Health partnership the opportunity to develop and test disruptive education activities that will educate health innovators within the partnership and beyond through innovative pedagogy, methodology, formats, technology and the like.

The selected activities are:

Foster Social Funds for Health Impact (SOFHIM)

This programme will build and empower public-private partnerships to implement outcome-based healthcare financed by social impact capital. SOFHIM will bring together investors, commissioners and policy makers with the objective of promoting health and preventing disease at city level. The target audience will work through ideation workshops to develop learning outcomes, big data metrics, a reference case study – and a course to be delivered in 2019.


Pilots a micro-learning approach to offer instruction on the topic of "lifestyle over drugs" for seniors. Microlearning is a promising innovative education technique utilising small "nuggets" of information that consist of short movies, infographics, quizzes, polls or slides. Nuggets can be spread through a variety of media, in particular social media, and can be evaluated and optimised by the number of likes, shares, and reach. This allows for an unprecedented control and feedback of the learning experience.

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Real World Evidence

This massive open online course (MOOC) will introduce participants to the intersection of real world evidence and healthcare and provide the opportunity to understand and develop new methods for data analysis. The project will deliver an education programme via a blended format for postgraduate students and professionals in the healthcare field interested in the application of Real World Evidence data analysis within healthcare and in furthering their knowledge-base and skill set to include conducting and commissioning Real World Data (RWD) analysis.


This project is designed to empower citizens, raise awareness, encourage innovation in medical care and inspire research. DEEP is invented for citizens, based on validated scientific approach and tools. We now know that the link between osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease is due in part to shared conventional risk factors such as estrogen deprivation in women, smoking, low physical activity, and diabetes. This patient-centric programme helps facilitate a full profile evaluation within minutes using innovative education and behaviorial training.


The activity proposes a new paradigm in medical education methodologies based on virtual reality (VR), one where mentors are empowered to create their own training scenarios rather than be constrained to a predefined set of tasks. The focus application will be minimally invasive surgery (MIS). This activity will provide solid evidence on its outstanding benefits for medical education introducing for the first time a unique environment for creating and sharing groundbreaking learning scenarios.

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