EIT InnoEnergy-backed EOLOS launches first ever floating LiDAR in Polish Baltic region

EIT InnoEnergy backed EOLOS launches first ever floating LiDAR in Polish Baltic region

The buoy will deliver accurate wind, wave and current data to inform the development of a major new offshore wind farm

EOLOS, the leading floating LiDAR solutions provider backed by EIT InnoEnergy, announces the deployment of the first floating LiDAR in the Polish Baltic region. The in-house designed buoy has been targeted to cost-effectively provide wind, wave and tidal data at industry-leading standards of bankability for the duration of a two year-long project measurement phase.

EOLOSThe LiDAR, which has been validated as Stage Two for data bankability by the Carbon Trust, will now provide real-time measurement data for the duration of its time at sea. This data will be used to inform the precise  specifications for a 1GW offshore windfarm that has been planned for the area.

Rajai Aghabi, CEO at EOLOS, says: 'This is a very proud day for all of us at EOLOS. By launching the first floating LiDAR into the Polish Baltic territory, we are not only helping our customer to optimise the development of a new windfarm, but we are also enabling Poland to take another step forward in its transition to renewables. Furthermore, we are announcing our own transition from an innovative start-up into a true industry player; leading the way in measurement for offshore wind across the continent.'

Diego Pavia, CEO at EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe supported by the EIT, says: 'EOLOS is one of the great EIT InnoEnergy success stories and a fantastic example of our partnership model at work. Since our investment in the business four years ago, we have supported EOLOS as it has gone from strength-to-strength, establishing itself as one of the leading companies in a competitive and cutting-edge sector. The launch of this LiDAR is another huge step on its journey towards commercialisation.'

The EOLOS buoy is a fully autonomous, renewable energy powered all-in-one system which can accurately measure wind, wave, tides and currents. It is based on a structural skeleton and mooring system to provide the necessary robustness to withstand rough marine environments while at the same time reducing the weight of the system. It uses the best-in-class ZephIR 300M LiDAR device.

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Main Photo: EIT InnoEnergy-backed EOLOS launches first ever floating LiDAR in Polish Baltic region