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EIT InnoEnergy: Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and experienced in supporting entrepreneurs?

EIT InnoEnergy's call for business creation coaches and experts is now open.

One of the cornerstones of EIT InnoEnergy's programme for start-ups consists of providing them with the best support and guidance, because launching a start-up and growing it involves big challenges and the guidance of an experienced coach is key to overcome the obstacles that will appear along the way.

EIT InnoEnergy is creating a pool of experienced business coaches  and experts, to mentor our start-ups across our offices in Europe. 

What type of skills are looked for? 

A wide range of skill sets and expertise, because start-ups are supported at different stages of development: pre-seed, early stage and growth.

EIT InnoEnergy's pool of coaches will gather the best European experts in:

  • start-up development: setting up a team, working with business models, dealing with clash-flow, coping with uncertainty
  • knowledge of energy markets and connections to help our start-ups sell
  • start-up finance and fundraising
  • marketing and sales

Are you an expert in any of these domains? EIT InnoEnergy wants to hear from you!

Being part of the pool of mentors, coaches and experts of EIT InnoEnergy will give you access to a network of more of 300 partners.  In addition, you will have the chance to work with high-potential start-ups that are developing unique innovations in the field of energy.

How does it work?

The call is open continuously, there is no deadline. Once you submit your application, EIT InnoEnergy will check if your profile matches our needs and get back to you within four weeks.

If it is positive, you will enter automatically EIT InnoEnergy's pool of coaches. Whenever one of EIT InnoEnergy's start-ups has a need, the EIT InnoEnergy team will select from among the pool the coach with the most appropriate expertise and availability.

EIT InnoEnergy coaches work on an assignment basis.  Applying as a coach means that you have some availability to get involved with EIT InnoEnergy (the minimum requirement is one day per month, but some missions can be more time intensive).  It also implies that you can invoice EIT InnoEnergy for your services.

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