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Green City Solutions on CNN

EIT Climate-KIC-supported 'CityTree' featured on CNN

Green City Solutions, creator of the 'CityTree', receives positive review on CNN

The article provides a potted history of Green City Solutions and describes how the CityTree Works.

Read the full article on the CNN website.

Earlier this year, Green City Solutions closed a seven figure institutional fund raising deal, and in December 2016, the Berlin-based scale-up was awarded first place in the Digital Cities category of the EIT Digital Challenge.

The CityTree is a freestanding 4x3 m unit combining smart sensors with real plants to clean the air and reduce pollution.

One CityTree has the same effect as up to 275 regular urban trees, but requires 99% less space and 90% less investment.

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According to CNN, Green City Solutions 'has plans to introduce the "CityTree" to cities in lower-income countries such as India, which tend to have elevated levels of pollutants.'

More information is available on the Green City Solutions website.

Prior to winning in the Digital Cities Challenge, Green City Solutions was part of and received support from EIT Climate-KIC, winning the German round of the Venture Competition in 2014.

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Main Photo: Green City Solutions on CNN