EIT most read stories of 2017

No funny cat videos: the most read news items on the EIT website in 2017

It's a dilemma, deciding how to measure the stories for an item like this.

We could use unique views, but there's also just plain 'views'. What's the difference? Perhaps this will help explain. For this piece, however, we decided to use page views as the measurement, because if a reader returns to a particular item, it has to be interesting, right?

The EIT saw some big news in 2017, and some really great stories. But what the EIT thinks is interesting is one thing; it's quite another to see what website visitors read the most...

The most-read news item of the year was  'EIT selects food winning innovation partnership in food.' This was indeed big news: the first new Innovation Community for a couple of years attracted a lot of interest. However, it's very important to note that this was the news item readers spent the longest on, despite it being published in 2016.


The news item in second place continues the theme: it was the EIT's announcement of a competition for two new Innovation Communities. Knowing what we know now, that the announcement of EIT Food generated so much interest despite being 'old' news, it's perhaps not too much of a surprise that this comes in second.

Third place was an interview with EIT Food, two months after joining the EIT Community. Guess those who are interested in forming an Innovation Community want to know what the reality is like?


Fourth place goes to the announcement of the EIT Awards winners in October. Some surprise that this didn't place higher, because it's interesting to see real people and read about their successes (we think).


In fifth place was another announcement; that of who would be nominated for the EIT Awards. Curiosity (nosiness) is likely a big factor here - who wouldn't want to know if they had been nominated?





The sixth most-read news item of 2017 was that about 18 EIT Community entrepreneurs being listed on Forbes. This caused us a bit of work, because every time we checked the list, we found someone else from the EIT Community. Of course, revising the number upwards is good news.


European Commission report that said 'the EIT is a model for European innovation' made eighth place. This was the first of two reports in late 2017 that validated the work of the EIT, and it's good to see such positive news about the EIT coming in the top ten most read items despite being being published so late in the year (October).


Eighth place goes to some more incredible news for the EIT Community: all of the top ten most innovative universities in Europe are EIT Community partners. Says who? Says Reuters, in its list of the top 100 most innovative universities in Europe.


The penultimate spot was the second of two reports published late in the year that made great reading for the EIT: the Impact Study. As Commissioner Navracsics said about the study, 'The number of jobs created and forecast are real indicators that the EIT model is working and delivering'.






And finally, something a little different for the tenth most-read news item of 2017. We were surprised not to see more such stories, but the world's first electric plane gets a mention. Lilium's zero emissions all electric aircraft, suppported by EIT Climate-KIC, gained a lot of attention across the world, but so did a few other stories. Have a look below to see some more stories that just missed out on our top ten for 2017.


What didn't (quite) make the top ten?

Another EIT Climate-KIC supported flying machine - an electric helicopter, from Volocopter. Thy are already doing big things in the Middle East.




The city of Malmö encouraging school children to create climate action in EIT Climate-KIC's Climathon. This was another news item from 2016 that continued to be of interest.



The opening of EIT House in Brussels.




Kristina Tsvetanova of EIT Digital-supported BLITAB Technology winning the EU ‘Rising Innovator’ Prize in the European Commission's annual Prize for Women Innovators. 






news item on artificial trees from the beginning of the year. Good to see the climate getting the attention it deserves.

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